About Inkeater

Hi I’m Inkeater! I’m an artist, a music nerd, a coder and sometimes a really big kid with a crazy imagination often turning the imagined into the real. I love sharing art, talking about music along with unleashing my crazy creations onto the world!

I’ve been creating ever since I could hold a crayon (1984) and posting videos on YouTube since May 2006, its given me the opportunity to work with companies such as Mountain Dew, Channel Frederator Network and Robot Films to name a few.

See Resume. (link coming soon)


Artistic Influences…

Raymond Pettibon, Andres Serrano, Basquiat, Robert Crumb, Modigliani,Tim Burton, Rob Zombie, Mike Judd, Waking Life, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Vanilla Sky, Run Lola Run, Michel Gondry, anything scifi, cryptozoology, horror, the imagined.
Sawgrass Street Art - The End Is Near Make Art
In my free time, I host a weekly YouTube series called VAMN (Vinyl and Music News) where we have conversations about music and music news! Along with creating animations for Channel Frederator and several other outlets when I am not time-traveling through music at a sound archive during the day.

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